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Are you looking for an ergonomically designed, comfortable chair that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Steelcase Series 2 Chair. This chair provides comfort and customizability at a more affordable price point than many of its competitors, making it a great choice for those who want to stay on budget while still getting a top-notch seating experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the Steelcase Series 2 Chair to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Steelcase Series 2 Pricing and Availability:-
The Steelcase Series 2 is fairly of a shape shifter, with lots of configurations (and prices) to be had with inside the US, UK, and Australia, with every vicinity getting access to a exceptional set of options. In the US, pricing begins off evolved at $463 however this nearly doubles to $914 which include all the non-compulsory extras – armrests, headrest, lumbar support, hard-ground wheels, a 3-D Micro knit again and the expanded stool configuration all fee extra. For the UK, Steelcase doesn’t presently provide a direct-to-patron model, so the pricing will vary relying at the store that shares the Series 2. With that said, you could count on to pay with inside the realm of £450 to £800, relying on which configuration you become with and where in you shop.
Design and Quality:-
The Series 2 is a stylish and understated searching chair dash; nearly undying apart from the marginally contemporary-day aesthetic delivered via way of means of its curving again assist shape and geometric Micro knit backing in the back of that. It is to be had globally in black, or (depending on region) in numerous subdued pastel tones and shades. The chair look will manifestly range a good by relying on a number of the alternatives you choose (the multiplied stool configuration leader amongst them), however in our assessment configuration, the appearance is minimum and compact, taking over a great deal much less area in all guidelines than many different chairs within side the category. The construct great usual feels tremendously solid, with a aggregate of metal and difficult plastic comprising maximum of its structural elements. There is a small quantity of supply amongst the bottom and the seat whilst rocking the chair face-to-face or again-and-forth, however this does not anything to determine our belief in its integrity.

Some of the plastic trim below the seat wobbles a little, however that is simply a cover to hide the ‘armless’ factor of this configuration and isn’t fundamental to the chair’s stability. The curving singular frame that encompasses and helps the again feels particularly strong and we, again, haven’t any doubt of its reliability.

If there’s one aspect you’d anticipate from an ergonomic chair, its comfortable, and fortunately the Series 2 ticks this container instead nicely for the maximum part. Its mixture of changes and realistic fabric selections make it perfect for longer seating sessions and the greater alternatives which includes armrests and headrests paintings to beautify this. If you’re in a hotter climate (we reviewed this chair all through an Australian summer) the mesh material at the again is a lifesaver. Compared to the leather-based alternatives commonly observed in gaming chairs and a few workplace chairs – or maybe strong material backing for that matter – the breathable mesh reduces again sweat hugely and lets in you to take a seat down longer as a result.
Breathability isn’t the best position the mesh performs – Steelcase refers to its aggregate of a cloth mesh with 3D Micro knit plastic aid at the back of it as Live Back technology, which flexes organically to house the user’s spine. It hits the Goldilocks quarter of reinforcing stress and gentle cushioning surely well, supplying simply sufficient supply to mildew in your lower back whilst still assisting your upright posture. Ultimately, we located the lower back to be as near to ‘disappearing’ as possible, that’s actually a boon for longer sitting sessions.

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