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4K resolution and USB-C video connectivity have been top rate capabilities some years ago, however video display units just like the Mono price 28-inch Crystal Pro deliver them to extra low cost fee points. Coming in at $359, this 28-inch display is positive to attraction to everybody seeking out a crisp each day driver.
The Specs:
• Display size: 28-inch
• Native resolution: 3840×2160
• Panel type: IPS
• Refresh rate: 60Hz
• Adaptive sync: None
• HDR: HDR compatible
• Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x Display Port 1.2, 1x USB-C with Display Port Alternate Mode and 65 watts Power Delivery, 2x downstream USB-A, 3.5mm audio out
• Stand adjustment: Height, tilt, swivel, pivot
• VESA mount: Yes, 75x75mm
• Speakers: Stereo speakers
• Price: $359.99 MSRP

Most video display units that move my table aren’t cutting-edge art; however the Mono price 28-inch Crystal Pro is the very definition of basic. Clad in matte-black plastic, the monitor’s single layout contact is a tiny Mono price brand focused on the lowest bezel. It’s the same story round back. The rear panel bears no markings or texture other than some vents.
Connectivity is excellent. The Mono price 28-inch Crystal Pro has USB-C with sixty five watts of Power Delivery and Display Port Alternate Mode. This is excellent to be used with a thin-and-mild USB-C laptop, on the grounds that you could price and output video over one cable. Mono price throws in HDMI ports and one Display Port for a complete of 4 video inputs. That’s lots for a low-cost monitor, and extra than Dell’s S2722QC or Samsung’s S80A.
Though it has USB-C, this screen isn’t an excellent USB-C hub. It consists of USB-A ports for linked wired peripherals, however they’re paired with a USB-B upstream port. The USB-A ports are at the rear panel and awkward to access. There’s no ether net or Display Port-out.

The connectivity may be difficult to apply anyways due to the fact the screen’s menu machine is a disaster. I spent numerous mins seeking to puzzle it out. It seems the buttons don’t continually paintings as classified with inside the menu. The menu and go out buttons had been reversed in a few cases. Putting apart that error, settings are still strangely organized and poorly classified. Backing out of any adjustment returns you to the pinnacle of the menu tree, now no longer the earlier step, which makes each step take simply a piece extra time. Not that there’s a whole lot to adjust. The screen gives an extended listing of preset photograph modes however no particular gamma or shadeation temperature adjustment. RGB color modifications are available.

Motion performance:
It’s common for 4K monitors in this price range to forego improved refresh rates and adaptive syncing. Panning a scene in a game creates blur, but large objects are still legible.Clarity isn’t an issue unless you want to play fast-paced, competitive games, and if that’s the case, a 1080p 240Hz monitor is a much better choice.
Final thoughts:
The Mono price 28-inch Crystal Pro reveal is the various least-high priced 4K USB-C video display units to be had with 65 watts of Power Delivery. That’s accurate information for price range customers who need that beneficial feature. The Crystal Pro has flaws, inclusive of a irritating menu device and barely-there HDR, however it additionally has perks, like a stable comparison ratio and exceptional colour accuracy.
Still, the Crystal Pro is difficult to recommend. Like Dell’s S2722QC, every other low-cost 4K USB-C display, the Crystal Pro’s charge is just too near advanced monitors. Samsung’s S80A gives a long way higher photo first-rate for $forty more. Or in case you simply need 4K, and don’t care approximately USB-C, Dell’s getting older S2721QS is higher value.

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